G&W Laboratories aspires to be a leader in employee health and safety by creating an injury-free workplace and being an environmentally responsible neighbor in the communities in which we operate.


G&W Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) is committed to protecting employee health and safety, our community and the environment. With Management support, we will employ best-in-class practices across the company to promote collaboration between sites and build long-term partnerships with our employees. To accomplish this, we will:

  • Provide the support to continually improve all EHS policies, procedures and programs through planning, training, auditing and inspections.
  • Investigate, promptly and thoroughly, every incident to identify the root cause and take reasonable corrective action to prevent reoccurrence in the future.
  • Provide risk assessments to identify, evaluate and control risk to employees, the Company and the environment.


EHS has a safety culture that embodies the G&W core values.

Remember G&W’s Ultimate Goal Is Safety First For Healthy Employees
(Respect, Gratitude, Unity, Growth, Integrity, Service, Faith, Fortitude, Humility, Ethics)